My name is Scott D. Sober; I am a furniture designer and builder. The name of my business is Cyma Furniture Design. I received my degree in furniture design from “The School For American Craftsmen” at Rochester Institute Of Technology in 1991. I have been working by commission on one of a kind furnishings as well as some reproduction and limited production furniture for the last 29 years.

I work in primarily hardwoods. I use veneers and man-made sheet goods for case work like entertainment units and built-in furniture. I also produce decorative turned bowls as a lower-cost item to sell at shows.

My design influences are Art Nouveau, Mission, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, and Asian furniture and architecture.

Most of my customers are people who have been looking for furnishings and are unable to find exactly what they want in retail stores. They may find something close but it may be too large or too small, not in the type of wood they would like, or the construction is not as sound as it could be. They might not be happy with the styles available, or want something unusual, perhaps more specific to their needs.

My goal as a furniture designer is to address these issues and come up with a design that will meet the needs of the client. I utilize traditional joinery techniques in the construction of my furniture to ensure the longevity of the piece. The finishes I use are chosen to suit the use of the furniture and to enhance the beauty of the wood.

It may cost more to have furniture custom built but you get the satisfaction of receiving exactly what you want instead of settling for less.